Nadya Nevakhova, archeoligist explorer and tinkerer


Ability at which she is great

Comeliness [Hearts]

Four abilities at which she is good

Charisma [Hearts]
Connections [Spades] (I’m thinking here at social investigation…)
Education [Diamonds] (Especially archeology, anthropology, history)
Tinkering [Diamonds]

Ability at which she is poor

Fencing [Clubs] / Fisticuffs [Clubs]


Explorer / Tinkerer

Current Fortune Hand: 3S, 5S, KS, empty



Even as a young girl in Saint Petersburg, Nadya was a curious child. She would want to see how something worked, and of course take it apart. But as quick as she was with her hands, what they did most often was to turn pages. That she became a librarian surprised no one. That she would leave the job surprised a few, until they realized her curiosity demanded she discover more than just books could offer.

It did not hurt that she had a pretty face. Librarian glasses were just the finishing touches on that long red hair… and those legs the skirts displayed… but if there is a reason she is alive today it is that she is lucky. Whenever she tinkers too much or reads the wrong book, she somehow manages to survive where others would perish. She simply shrugs, picks up the pieces (or not) and keeps going.

Today Nadya is an explorer, focusing on archeology and history… or whatever catches her fancy. When she finds strange devices… that’s when her eyes gleam and some run for cover.

Virtues and Vices

Nadya is charismatic and persuasive. She is lucky. She is a jack-of-all-trades.

Nady is very curious, dangerously so. She is a pacifist, generally not having the stomach for fighting.

Enmities and Alliances

Nadya has angered more than one archeological society in the past. Some of them want her dead, which she can’t comprehend. Nadya helped one society obtain an artifact rumored to have mystic powers, angering a competing group that was allied with Rasputin. This, and her statement to a newspaper reporter that Rasputin is a charlatan, have resulted in his enmity.

At the same time, her travels have brought her friends in many ports. Even those kinds of roguish rakes she finds so charming. And those cute ones that don’t know they’re cute… even if they don’t understand when a woman is just flirting.


Nadya does not understand the concept of concrete goals. She merely follows one curiosity to the next. If there is a sense of something missing, it is fleeting. Perhaps a big find will be what she needs.


Sometimes she wonders what happened to the good people she has met. And to some of those men, who she hopes understand why she had to leave.


Nadya likes fashion, changing outfits often to fit her mood. She seemingly has tailors and friends everywhere with whom to exchange clothing.

All clothing shown is approximate and only the clothing (not the model) is representative.

Clothing worn to the Arts Club
Nadya at the Arts Club


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