Charles Lutwidge Dodgson


Ability Great At:
Education (Diamonds)

Four Good At:
Sorcerer (Diamonds)
Social Graces (Spades)
Performance (Hearts)
Courage (Hearts)

One Bad At:
Stealth (Clubs)

Current Fortune Hand: 7S, empty, AD, empty


The young adult Charles Dodgson is about six feet tall, slender, and deemed attractive, with curling brown hair and blue or grey eyes (depending on his mood, or time of day).

Dodgson’s family is predominantly northern English, with Irish connections. Most of his ancestors were army officers or Church of England clergymen. Charles’ father is an active and highly conservative clergyman of the Anglican Church, and does his best to instill such views in his children. Young Charles, however, was to develop an ambiguous relationship with his father’s values and with the Anglican Church as a whole.

He is the eldest boy but third child; eight more children were to follow. During his early youth, Charles was educated at home. His “reading lists” preserved in the family archives testify to a precocious intellect: at the age of seven he was reading The Pilgrim’s Progress. He also suffered from a slight stammer — a condition shared by his siblings —. At age twelve he was sent away to a small private school at nearby Richmond, where he appears to have been happy and settled. Dodgson moved on to Rugby School, where he was less happy, for as he wrote in his diary after leaving the place:

“I cannot say that any earthly considerations would induce me to go through my three years again. I can honestly say that if I could have been … secure from annoyance at night, the hardships of the daily life would have been comparative trifles to bear.”

Scholastically, though, he excelled with apparent ease. “I have not had a more promising boy his age since I came to Rugby”, observed the Mathematics master.

He left Rugby and, after an interval that remains unexplained, went on to Oxford, attending his father’s old college, Christ Church.

His early academic career veered between high promise and irresistible distraction. He does not always work hard, but is exceptionally gifted and so achievement comes easily to him. He recently received a First in Honors Mathematics, and was shortly thereafter nominated to a Studentship (PhD) at the age of 20.

Although Charles’ stammer troubles him, it is never so debilitating that it prevents him from applying his other personal qualities to do well in society. At a time when singing and recitation are required social skills, the young Dodgson is well-equipped to be an engaging entertainer. He can sing tolerably well and is not afraid to do so before an audience. He is adept at mimicry and storytelling, and is reputedly quite good at charades.

From a young age, Charles has written poetry and short stories, most of this output is humorous, sometimes satirical, but his standards and ambitions are exacting, "I do not think I have yet written anything worthy of real publication.”

In broad terms, Charles is politically, religiously, and personally conservative, who is awed by lords and inclined to be a bit snobbish towards inferiors.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

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