The heart of the Castle Falkenstein system is the Fortune Deck, a standard deck of playing cards, with the 2 jokers included.

Each player is dealt a Fortune Hand of 4 cards. These cards can be used to augment your ability to accomplish tasks.

Cards have a face value equal to their number. Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, Kings = 13, Aces = 14 and Jokers = 15 in whatever suit you choose.

Abilities have Face Values (shown below) as well as associated suits. See Ability List.

Ability Level Code Value
Poor PR 2
Average AV 4
Good GD 6
Great GR 8
Exceptional EXC 10
Extraordinary EXT 12

Ability Suit Value:

Hearts: Emotional and Romantic Activities
Clubs: Physical Activities
Diamonds: Mental and Intellectual Activities
Spades: Social and Status-related Activities

Normal Feat Resolution

To accomplish a feat, you figure out the relevant ability. If you don’t have the ability listed, it is assumed to be Average. You can then play one or more cards from your Fortune Hand to enhance your attempt. Cards of the proper suit for the ability in question add their face value. Cards of other suits add 1 (one). This total is then compared to the Difficulty of the feat.

If your Total is less than half that required, you have Fumbled.
If your Total is between half and the required level, you have Failed.
If your Total is equal to or greater than the requirement, you have a Partial Success.
If your Total is equal to half again the requirement, you have a Full Success.
If your Total is equal to twice the requirement, you have a High Success.

You may use more than one ability at once. In such a case, the Host decides the primary ability to be used, but adds a level of difficulty for each additional necessary ability.

Example of Feat Resolution


Combat is an Opposed check. The attacker and defender each generate a total of their relevant ability plus their Fortune cards. The attacker’s success or failure is determined as above. Better successes deal more wounds. Fumbles are bad.

Wounds are subtracted from a Health total based on your Courage and your Physique.

Note: I’m not going to reproduce the combat tables in depth. A Full Success with a Rifle, Saber, Spear, etc. vs someone of Average Courage and Physique will incapacitate (but not necessarily kill) them. This scales as you’d expect for larger/smaller weapons and healthier/weaker targets.


Wizardly characters will start out with Good Sorcery and membership in one of the Esoteric Orders of New Europa. The Order will teach the character their secret lore and rituals (i.e., spells). These details will be reviewed with interested characters.

Spells have an associated Aspect (suit) and a difficulty, which varies based upon things like range, area of effect, duration, number of targets, etc.

To cast a spell, the wizard gathers Thaumic Energy from their environs. This is represented by drawing cards from a separate Sorcery Deck, one card for every 2 minutes of game time. Cards of the right suit add their value to the wizard’s Sorcery total. Cards of other suits can be discarded or used to add 1. However, use of non-affiliated thaumic energy (other suits) can subtly alter the exact outcome of the spell. When enough energy is gathered, the spell goes off. Drawing a Joker represents a surge of wild magic. Hilarity will ensue in this case.


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