Example of Feat Resolution

In order to save the kidnapped Countess De’Leon, Alexander must sneak into the Prussian Embassy in London. To do so, he will attempt to leap unto the roof from a blackened “Stealth” hot air balloon as it flies overhead.

The Host has determined that the jump itself is an Athletics check of Exceptional difficulty. However, the check also requires Stealth. Thus, the difficulty is raised one level to Extraordinary. [Extraordinary = 12.]

Alexander is Great at Athletics. [Great = 8.]

The suit associated with Athletics is Clubs.

Alexander’s Fortune Hand consists of the 6 of Clubs, the 8 of Clubs, the K of Hearts, and the 10 of Spades.

If Alexander chooses not to play a card, his total of 8 vs the difficulty of 12 will mean that he has Failed. His total is more than half of 12 (6) and thus he has not Fumbled.

If Alexander plays his 8 of Clubs, his total would be 16, a Partial Success. It exceeds the difficulty of 12, but not by half again (18).

If Alexander plays his 6 and his 8 of Clubs, his total would be 22, a Full Success.

If Alexander plays all his cards, his total would be 24. The K of Hearts and 10 of Spades would each add only 1 to his total as they are the wrong suit. However, a 24 is a High Success, as it is twice the difficulty.

In this instance, Alexander chooses to go for the gusto and plays his entire hand. Not only does he gracefully and successfully drop from a rope onto the roof of the Embassy, he does so silently, and just happens to land right next to an open skylight leading to an unoccupied room.

Example of Feat Resolution

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