Seven Deadly Sins

Game Start

It is early evening on a crisp October evening, the air chill and moist with a typical London fog. You have all been invited to attend a reading at the Arts Club, on Dover Street.

220px artsclubstairs
220px drawingroom

The event in question is the debut of a work by the author H. G. Wells. Wells has written numerous short stories examining issues of class and society in England. Tonight, he will read selections from his first novel, entitled “The Time Machine.”

Hg wells

You have been sent by your contacts at the Second Compact to attend for two main reasons. First, given Mr. Wells’ expressed viewpoints on the plight of the underclass and his popularity, he might be a good recruit for the Second Compact. Second, it will give you a chance to meet with some of the other operatives of the Compact who are currently in London (i.e., the other PCs.)

In addition to you all, some of Wells’ family, colleagues, and close friends, there are two other individuals of note:

Baron Conrad von Vogt: Baron von Vogt is an attache at the Prussian Embassy.

Von vogt

Dr. James Montgomery: A medical doctor, well placed in London Society.

Dr montgomery


The characters are coming together nicely. I’m working on (or will be soon) some quick background stuff with each of you to get you recruited by the Second Compact, which will be the tie between the PCs.

If there is any information you’d like to see regarding the Setting which is not already posted, please let me know.


Well, the discussion forums cost money, so screw that. We can use this adventure log and the wiki to capture data and continue to use the yahoogroup for email.

Please take a look at what I’ve posted and send along any ideas you have for characters. Remember, you can (and are encouraged) to play either Historical or Literary Figures from the Victorian Era (which we can stretch a bit thin to run from the 1870s to 1910s).

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